Bob Cmolik

Author | Musician | Songwriter | Pastor

Bob Cmolik

Bob Cmolik (born Robert J. Cmolik, Jr) was born in Illinois a long time ago. As a small child he did things small children do; played, fought with his siblings and loved his mom and dad. Bob’s dad died when he was just six. Not long after, a suburban Chicago newspaper ran a Father’s Day writing contest called “Pops is Tops”.  As his own father had passed, he wrote a very touching paper about his friends dad, that had stepped in to assist with fathering him. As Bob recalls, “the essay got me $10 and my name in the newspaper!” Bob’s creativity was born.

About the same time, his older brother Jim started a rock band. One day Jim sat little “Buddy” on the drummer’s throne and showed him how to keep time – Bob excelled! He played drums all through school. Jim also showed him a few rudimentary chords on the guitar and even gave Bob his first guitar.

Bob moved around a bit in his teen years, living with his mom and younger brother Tom; Jim and his sister Pat having moved out of the house by then. He managed to get in a little trouble with the law during his high school days and decided to enlist in the Air Force in 1974, hoping that a change of location would help keep him out of trouble – it did for the first few months, but once Bob reached his first permanent duty station, he fell back into the old ways. But, after his first year in Guam, Bob finally found what, or rather whom, he was looking for and by God’s grace, fell deeply in love with Christ. About that time Bob also went to the base exchange and bought his first real guitar. He soon found some other young players and almost immediately they were performing at talent shows, Bob also playing at church.

After the service Bob married and raised a family, learning the trade of contractor (especially drywall & painting) and eventually started his own business. His found his creative outlet composing, writing, performing his own music. Bob eventually ended up with about 45 songs, some of which are available on this website.

Bob now lives near rural Henry, Illinois with his wife Suzan. They enjoy fishing, camping, travel and playing with their ten grandchildren, and of course their music. Bob is currently pastoring a small church and is the chaplain for the volunteer fire department. The Boy In the Fan is Bob’s first novel. It is his sincere wish that you and your children will enjoy this book!