Bob Cmolik

Author | Musician | Songwriter | Pastor

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Henry Marshall is a reguar boy, living a mostly regular life. Sure, he has his problems, but who doesn’t? If you asked him, he’d still say he was mostly a regular kid. All that changes when he and his friends discover an old dusty fan with a curious link to the past. 

They’re not sure how, they’re not sure why, but somehow this fan lets them speak to a boy in the past. And unlike Henry and his friends, the boy in the fan is living a life in extraordinary peril, a Jew in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1943. Can Henry and his friends help this voice from the past? Can they find the strength, courage, and faith to help the Boy in the Fan? 

About the Author

Bob Cmolik (born Robert J. Cmolik, Jr) was born in Illinois a long time ago. As a small child he did things small children do: played, fought with his siblings and loved his mom and dad. Bob’s dad died when he was just six. Not long after, a suburban Chicago newspaper ran a Father’s Day writing contest called “Pops is Tops”.  As his own father had passed, he wrote a very touching paper about his friends dad, that had stepped in to assist with fathering him. As Bob recalls, “the essay got me $10 and my name in the newspaper!” Bob’s creativity was born.

About the same time, his older brother Jim started a rock band. One day Jim sat little “Buddy” on the drummer’s throne and showed him how to keep time – Bob excelled! He played drums all through school. Jim also showed him a few rudimentary chords on the guitar and even gave Bob his first guitar.

Bob now lives near rural Henry, Illinois with his wife Suzan. They enjoy fishing, camping, travel and playing with their ten grandchildren, and of course their music. Bob is currently pastoring a small church and is the chaplain for the volunteer fire department. The Boy In the Fan is Bob’s first novel. It is his sincere wish that you and your children will enjoy this book!